UV / VIS / UVV-PDA spectrophotometers

Working in the fields of VIS and UV (190nm to 1100nm wavelengths), these devices are accurate, reliable and suitable for quality control, research and study in a wide range of analyzes.

Eliza reader

This device is a derivative of a spectrophotometer, but it performs a test for a plate of 96 samples simultaneously. The plate reader is an accurate device, which includes a variety of measurement applications and can be connected to a computer.

Cuvettes and special measuring chambers

Are the tools with which they claim examples of spectrophotometers and therefore they are an important part in the field of spectrophotometry. Different types of quotas can be found in different sizes.

Standards for spectrophotometer calibration

UV/VIS/NIR Unique that are approved by international calibration institutes and do not require periodic calibration, with lifetime validity!

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