Hotplates and magnetic stirrers

We offer a variety of hotplates, magnetic stirrers and heated magnetic stirrers, Digiblocks, Speed-Vac and Rotary evaporators.


    We offer quality hotplates
    made by Labtech srl.
    Hotplates reach up to 450 °C and have a particularly large heating area.
    The heating is fast and uniform throughout the heating area with high resistance to acidity and ideal for laboratories.

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      Magnetic Stirrers

      A variety of magnetic stirrers for different applications and stirring a variety of liquids - from µL and up to 1000L.

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        Heated Magnetic Stirrers

        Developed specifically for massive and prolonged daily use in the laboratory and designed to work in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology and various clinical applications.

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          A dry heating bath made by Labtech Srl is suitable for preparing samples for ICP and a variety of other systems.
          A Digiblock device can hold up to 54 test tubes and reach a temperature of 450 ° C.
          All models can be added a 4.5-inch iTouch terminal with the ability to program up to 15 temperature levels and more.

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