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Sales and marketing of new laboratory equipment

Analytical Chemistry

Life Science



Scientific Instruments


Sales and marketing

Of new laboratory equipment

Sales of laboratory equipment

Second hand / used

Providing professional maintenance services

For laboratory equipment that includes testing and repair


Performing calibrations for instrumentation

laboratory according to the manufacturer's instructions

Consulting, developing, accompanying and providing solutions

For customers interested in "prototype" devices

Our clientele include

Start-up companies and veteran companies in their field

Our company places emphasis on

Leading and promoting the field of science and the environment in Israel

Our company was established in 2003 and its activities focus mainly on the scientific field and provide professional laboratory equipment.
We invest the most resources in the training and specialization of our employees in everything related to developments in the field in Israel and around the world. Our clientele includes start-up companies and veteran companies in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, the food industry, the environment and more.

Seniority of over 30 years

Professional, reliable and skilled staff

Our clientele include satisfied customers

Preserve the environment

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