Gas Generators

    Nitrogen generators

    Used to create clean nitrogen gas for the benefit of applications such as: working with TOC, GC-MC, GC, LC-MS

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      Hydrogen generators

      Maintaining hydrogen tanks is considered expensive and dangerous, so the hydrogen generator is an efficient and safe solution for the use of analytical equipment for clean combustion purposes, including protection against leaks. Used in hydrogen generators is a very economical solution.

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        Zero Air generators

        Purify the air of hydrocarbons, savings and small ones suitable for use in laboratories. Increases your efficiency in the lab by replacing the gas tanks.

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          TOC Air Gas Generator

          Output Air CO2 Concentration: < 1ppm
          Output Air Dewpoint: -73°C
          Max Air inlet temperature: 50°C
          Dimension: 40(H)x30(W)x15(D) /cm
          Weight: 8kg 

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