phase chromatography is a common method in identifying and quantifying different materials.
The mobile phase is a gas and the components are separated by a clone and based on detection in different specific detectors.
This method provides fast and high-sensitivity analysis, which allows the detection of a variety of types of materials and is suitable for different detectors.

Areas of use:

Separation and identification of lipids, various carbohydrates and proteins.
Separation and identification of amino acids.
Quantification of drugs, alcohol, toxins and other metabolites within biological fluids.
Analysis of pesticides in soil, water and food and more.
Separation of fuels and oil in the fields of energy.

Our company markets selective detectors with high sensitivity to various fields as well as systems that include a solution for sampling liquids and solids for integrated systems.
Can be installed on any available chromatographic gas system on the market.

    BTEX/VOC Analysis System

    Water/Soil Sample Processor 4100

      4551A Purge-and-Trap & Water Autosampler

        Pesticide Analysis System

          Model 9017 Marine Ballast Water Analyzer

            S-PRO 3200 GC System for Sulfur Analysis

              Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector (PFPD) 5383

                Halogen Specific Detector XSD™ 5360

                  4430 (Photoionization Detector (PID

                    APK 1200C

                    CANISTER CLEANER

                      APK 1200/360R

                      TUBE CONDITIONER

                        APK 6100L

                        LIQUID STANDARD INJECTOR

                          APK 6100

                          STANDARD GAS DILUTOR

                            APK 2600

                            MULTI SAMPLER

                              APK 2600C

                              CANISTER MULTI SAMPLER

                                APK 720R

                                THERMAL DESORPTION SYSTEM

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